“Why need I volumes, if one word suffice?” – Ralph Waldo Emerson


Your readers don’t want fluff; they want to know what you and your business can do for them, without having to trudge through waist-deep wordiness to get there.

Based in Denver, CO, I offer the post modern version of copywriting – clean lines, bold colors, and a clutter-free experience.  I consistently give your prospective readers exactly what they want, how they want it. I’m here to help you find your voice, sell your idea, and ensure your success.

Simple.  Effective.  And a whole lot of fun.  Whether you’re in need of sales letters, SEO, web copy, fliers, brochures, mailers, editing, or anything in between, let me put your words into action.


Communication, Copywriting

Ethical Copywriting

I recently had a discussion with a fellow copywriter, and the topic of ethics was brought up. Apparently, my colleague was recently presented with an opportunity to write content for a promotional brochure, and the fee was quite lucrative. They and their client had gone back and forth several times regarding the project’s details, and […]

Editing, Self-Publishing

Self-Publishing and Editing: The Oft-Missed Romance

Like a lot of people, I love to read. The twinge of excitement I feel when beginning a new book, eager to live vicariously through characters who exist only on ink and paper, is addicting. And the ever-increasing popularity of 1) eBooks, and 2) authors who self-publish only serves to feed the word hounds among […]

Business Writing, Communication

The Importance of ‘Heads Up’ Communication

I have a colleague who I’ve been working with for many years, but who cannot spell my name correctly.  I’ve talked with her over the phone hundreds of times, and have emailed back and forth surely in the thousands.  However, each and every email I receive from her contains one spelling variation or another of […]


The Trifecta of Successful 21st Century Marketing

Earlier this week, I was talking with a prospective client, and the topic of online marketing came up. Now, this client’s business has been in operation for the better part of two decades, and has always been successful, both at retaining existing customers and drawing in new ones. Recently however, they’ve seen customer retention drop […]