I love words.

I adore everything about them; their meaning and structure, the way they ebb and flow, and the emotions they elicit. As a copywriter and editor, I must also admit my endless intrigue with how they, if properly formed, jump off the page, grab your prospective readers by their collars, and whisk them away.

It is this love that drives me to do what I do: Make sure your idea is a success. Successful ideas, however, must first be effectively communicated. In the wrong hands, a phenomenal concept can fall far short of expectations, simply because the delivery failed to benefit its readers in some way.

Quite simply, my success is defined by yours. Let me know how I can make your job easier, and let’s form a winning partnership.

What previous clients say about my work:

  •  “I had Derek proofread my novel even though it had been professionally copy-edited, because I know it takes more than one set of eyes to catch all the errors. I am very glad that I did. Derek was worth every penny, and now I won’t get the dreaded one-star ‘this-book-is-full-of-typos’ review on Amazon. Derek is very professional and very motivated, and did a great job proofreading my novel. Would highly recommend and would work with again.” – Julie Sarff, author Sweet Delicious Madness
  • Derek took our notes and thoughts and put them together in a way that was very fluid and easily understandable. He has done several projects for us and we will happily utilize his services in the future.” – Nick Picklo,  Vice President, Picklo Homes
  •  “Thank you to my editor, Derek Lakin, for turning a nightmare of ‘creative’ punctuation and grammar into a proper book.” – Michael Crockett, author of Terra Necro: Tipping Point
  •  “Derek was intuitive to our needs without forcing his exceptional creativity to take precedence. Our desires, along with his creativity, use of vocabulary and technical expertise produced winning results.” – Christophere Crawford, Designer & Project Manager, C & C Systems
  • Two years ago, someone told me that my website design sucks, the copywriting sucks, and the logo sucks. Last year, he said the copywriting sucks and my logo sucks. This year, he said my logo sucks. If only Derek did logos too.” – John Ross, Owner, The Art of Retouching





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